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Professional Mixing & Mastering Services
Mark sitting in Psyrex Soundlab
Bring Your Music to Life

Why choose Psyrex?

At Psyrex Music Collective, I understand the nuances of sound.

My state-of-the-art studio is equipped with the latest tools and technology, ensuring that every track I work on meets industry standards.

I am dedicated to enhancing your music, ensuring clarity, depth, and a balanced sound.

My Approach to Mixing & Mastering

Step 1: Consultation: Discuss your vision and specific requirements

Step 2: Analysis: I evaluate your tracks to determine the best approach.

Step 3: Mixing: Balancing elements, enhancing dynamics, and ensuring a cohesive sound.

Step 4: Mastering: Final polish, ensuring your track is radio-ready & compatible across all platforms.

Step 5: Delivery: Receive your finalised tracks, ready for distribution.

Artists Speak

Paul Weston second review of Psyrex
Fugilists review of Psyrex
Midge Nunn review of Psyrex

Affordable Packages
Tailored to Your Needs

Choose from a range of packages designed to suit various project sizes and requirements. 

Mixing & Mastering multitrack

from £100 / track for a full mix

Quick mixes from £60 per track
(Discounts for multiple tracks available)

Mastering only

1st track  - £35

2nd track  - £30

3rd track  - £25

all the rest  - £20 each

Get in touch to discuss your project, get a quote, or book a session.
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