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My journey...a symphony of resilience and innovation

The First Chords: A Lifelong Passion Ignited

Born into the heart of Generation X in 1971, my musical odyssey began at the tender age of seven with the Christmas gift of a classical guitar and lessons, which evolved into a lifelong love affair with music under the guidance of a rock-enthused mentor. This early exposure to the fusion of music and technology in my teacher’s home studio laid the foundation for my future in sound engineering. Armed with a Fostex-160, a drum machine and some effects pedals, I prepared to take on the world.

Fostex 160 my first multitrack recorder
Mark as lead singer of Media Whores

The Rhythmic Journey: Education and Evolution

After studying Geography at Leicester University, where the live music society inspired me further, I found my true calling at Nottingham’s Confetti College, immersing myself in the art of music theory, alongside analogue and digital recording techniques. In 1994 , it was here, amidst the creative chaos of forming multiple bands and the raw energy of live gigs, that my vision for a new era of music production took shape. 

A Digital Revolution: Pioneering Accessible Recording

As the 90's progressed, and the digital age of music started to take shape, I embraced the frontier of computer-based recording, navigating the severe limitations of early days’ adoption to produce the debut EP of one of my many bands. That experience, born from the frustration of inaccessible formats and the prohibitive costs of recording my previous band's EP in a commercial studio, galvanised my resolve to democratise music production. Psyrex Soundlab was born from this vision—a haven for artists of all genres, offering a digital sanctuary where creativity met affordability, and ALL were welcome.

Psyrex Soundlab in the beginning
In hospital for a stent following a massive heart attack

The Crescendo: Personal Trials and Triumphs

However, profound personal challenges have punctuated my journey—from the isolation of neurodivergence and the creation of an alter ego to rise above bullying, to the physical trials of a severe back injuries and nerve damage to a shoulder, then recently to a heart attack and two frozen shoulders. Yet, with each obstacle, I found strength and determination, refusing to accept limitations and, instead, transforming social ostracisation, extreme physical pain and near death, into a catalyst for growth and healing, a desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

The Rebirth: A New Era of

Musical Empowerment

Today, as we stand at the cusp of another paradigm shift in music production, I am poised to guide a new generation of musicians. From teenagers crafting beats in their bedrooms to retirees strumming their first chords, I am committed to empowering all artists to harness the tools of the digital age, to learn, create, and connect with global audiences.

Mark enjoying a day out in Sherwood

The Encore: Sharing Wisdom, Shaping Futures

My story is not just a chronicle of personal and professional milestones; it’s a testament to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. With the launch of a series of ebooks and online courses, I intend to draw upon a lifetime of lessons to mentor and inspire. This is not just my history—it’s a roadmap for your future in music and, more importantly, life.

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