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Why choose Psyrex?

Embark on a Transformative Journey with My Creative Catalyst Sessions


As an artist, band, or passionate creative, you’re not just crafting music; you’re embarking on a deeply personal journey. My Creative Catalyst Sessions offer you personalised mentoring that resonates with your individual path. I understand the complexities of the music industry, not just as a professional, but as an individual who has navigated its highs and lows.


Whether you’re facing creative blocks, seeking direction for your next project, or refining your unique sound, I’m here to provide insights, feedback, and guidance. I root my approach in a blend of professional acumen and personal triumph over significant hurdles. This dual perspective empowers me to offer you not just industry-specific advice but also mentorship that acknowledges the personal challenges artists often face.


Drawing from years of industry experience and personal growth, my goal is to empower you, amplify your vision, and set you on a path to true artistic excellence. Together, we’ll dive deep, uncover your potential, and ignite the spark for your next creative breakthrough. Let’s transform your artistic aspirations into tangible achievements.

Want to know more?

Explore The Session Structure

  • Delve into the structure of my Creative Catalyst Sessions to understand how each bespoke session can catalyse your artistic evolution.

  • Discover the personalised approach that informs our one-to-one mentorship, the adaptable scheduling tailored to your lifestyle, and the dynamic elements designed to challenge and invigorate your creative process.

  • Click 'Read More' for an in-depth view of the comprehensive support crafted to cultivate your talent and accelerate your journey in the music industry.

My Journey: Overcoming and Evolving

  • Embark on the narrative of my musical odyssey, marked by resilience and transformation.

  • From navigating the industry's highs and lows to personal triumphs over adversity, my story isn't just about musical success—it's a testament to the power of perseverance and the art of growth.

  • Discover how these experiences shape the mentorship I offer, equipping me to guide you through your own creative challenges.

Artists Speak

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