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Consultation Session Structure

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Why choose Psyrex?

Detailed Service Breakdown of Creative Catalyst Sessions

Initial Assessment:

Every journey begins with a one-to-one assessment where we discuss your artistic goals, challenges, and aspirations. This initial conversation sets the stage for a tailored mentoring experience designed to meet your unique needs.

Session Structure:

  • Duration: Typically, each session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, providing ample time to delve deep into discussion and practical advice.

  • Frequency: Sessions can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on the intensity and pace you're comfortable with.

  • Format: Sessions are available both in-person (subject to location) and online via video conferencing platforms, ensuring accessibility no matter where you are in the UK or beyond.


Content Focus:

  • Creative Development: Techniques to foster creativity, overcome writer's block, and cultivate a productive artistic routine.

  • Sound Refinement: Guidance on honing your sound, from songwriting to production choices that align with your artistic identity.

  • Industry Navigation: Insights into the music industry landscape, including branding, networking, and establishing a presence.

  • Personal Growth: Strategies to manage the emotional highs and lows of a creative career, drawing from my personal experiences of overcoming adversity.


Interactive Elements:

  • Workshops: Hands-on exercises tailored to your artistic discipline, whether it's songwriting, composing, or producing.

  • Feedback Sessions: Constructive critique of your work, providing actionable feedback to elevate your art.

  • Goal Setting: Collaborative development of short-term and long-term goals with actionable steps to achieve them.


Support Materials:

  • Custom Resources: After each session, you'll receive personalised materials to support your growth, including reading lists, exercises, and checklists.

  • Progress Tracking: We'll keep a shared log of your progress, challenges, and breakthroughs, ensuring each session builds upon the last.


Ongoing Support:

  • Email Follow-ups: After each session, I'll check in via email to answer any queries and provide additional support.

  • Community Access: Opportunity to join a community of like-minded creatives for additional networking and support.


Your Investment:

  • Single Sessions: For those seeking targeted advice on specific issues or projects. £150 (includes initial questionnaire and review, 60-90min 1-2-1 session and subsequent follow up emails)

  • Package Deals: Discounted session bundles for ongoing, comprehensive mentorship. eg. £600 for 6 months with a 1-2-1 every month.

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