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Covid Update

Following advice and based on the current circumstances, direct contact activities are temporarily suspended.

Inquiries still welcome.

Distance mixing and mastering still available. 

'good end product, great environment, experienced engineer and professional but laid back approach.'

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'highly skilled recording engineer and producer'

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Record, Mix & Master

  • We have a great sounding live room.

  •  Full back line available.

  • PA and 5 mics

  • Cheaper weekday rates before 5pm

  • Open for any use, not just music.

  • Room can be empty if required.

  • We can edit and mix music, whether or not it was recorded here or elsewhere.

  • We can re-sample and re-amp drums, bass and guitars to get the sound right for the you.

  • We can also master your music to give it punch and sparkle and to make it commercially loud enough.

  • The Real Sessions is a YouTube channel for LIVE performance sessions.

  • It aims to bring you, and promote, grass roots music, or any performance art, performed live with no edits, no auto-tune and no overdubs.

  • No fakes. Just some video cameras and a couple of microphones.

  • These sessions are FREE of any charges and open to anyone by appointment (conditions apply).

Get In touch and talk to us about how we can help you create.

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All bands recorded, mixed and mastered at Psyrex.

PLEASE NOTE.  Wix only allows these audio samples to be streamed at 128kbps (MP3). If you would like to hear higher quality...






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