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If you need to record your first song as a solo artist, call Psyrex Soundlab today!

Supporting all solo artists 

Now that you've written and composed a song, why not have it professionally recorded? We understand that there are many talented people who simply need the right equipment and environment to boost their career. At Psyrex Soundlab, in Nottingham, we offer a relaxed and friendly recording studio where you will feel comfortable to record your music. Using the latest equipment to perfect what you've already created, we help you reach your music goals.
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Recording choices

How you record is totally up to you, here are the options:
  • Live recording - You can record your songs 'live' as if you were performing on stage.
  • Layered recording - Where each instrument is recorded separately to produce better results.
  • Recording to backing tracks - Used by many and especially suitable for solo artists, newcomers and vocal groups.
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The Psyrex Soundlab vision

Our vision is to help you touch people’s lives, through music. We have worked with many skilled musicians, singers and composers, and over the years have developed a fantastic reputation for offering expert musical advice. 

If you are looking for a recording studio, call Psyrex Soundlab in Nottingham on 07906 382 486 or on 0115 841 3184

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