Residential Recording Studio

The sound inside your head

'I would definitely recommend him...a really good end product, great environment, experienced engineer and professional but laid back approach.'

'A wealth of knowledge and experience. I really loved the final mastered sound.'

5 stars on reviews

The atmosphere there was always positive and comfortable - Mark is not only a highly skilled recording engineer and producer, but he is also a very friendly person who took good care of us, as well as our music!

Incredibly helpful and friendly. Had a superb recording session made entirely painless thanks to Mark's skill, patience, all round great demeanour and ideas. Brilliant!

4.8 stars on Facebook reviews

'Made a mammoth recording session effortless! We got perfect results thanks to Mark's ideas, skill and facilities. Will definitely use again..'

'we have to say Mark's professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and helpfulness, leave many studios well behind'

4.7 stars on google reviews



Tracking And Recording

At Psyrex Soundlab, we understand that you and your band want the absolute best that you can afford.

We offer a quality recording experience to all musicians from solo artist to bands of 5 members or more.

With a great sounding live room,a separate vocal booth and a wide array of microphones to suit any occasion, we can capture the sound you are after. Able to record as a live unit or as separate takes, to capture the best of a live groove and the perfection offered by multiple takes and digital editing.

Editing And Mixing

At Psyrex Soundlab we can edit and mix music that has been tracked here and also we can work on audio that has been recorded elsewhere, re-sampling and re-amping drums, bass and guitars to get the sound right for the mix.

We can edit for timing irregularities so they cannot be heard, and get you sounding properly tight, rather than bedroom tight.

Got midi drums that lack punch? DI guitars that are more Line 6 than Mesa Boogie?A bass that just doesn't sound real?

Get in touch.


At Psyrex Soundlab we can master any mixed piece

 of music, whether recorded and mixed  here or elsewhere.

Does it seem too quiet and then it just sounds messy? Does the sound lack sparkle and a sense of clarity? 

Have you got mixes that don't quite have the impact you really want them to have, talk to us about how we can help transform your sound.



All bands recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Psyrex



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With almost two decades of experience, I have worked with just about everything you can mention. That's me....the one in sunglasses.

Seriously though, I have been a musician most of my life, have been in, performed with and recorded with countless bands, and one thing I can say for sure is that we have a great sounding live room, a dead vocal booth, an acoustically treated control room, and some really nice microphones....oh yeah and me. Been doing it a while y'know... ..did I say? We also have plenty of room to relax with a 50" plasma screen with Virgin TV, NetFlix and over 100 Mbps wifi speed, all that and a full kitchen if take away's get boring, 

Just a few who I have had through the doors :

  • The Three Degrees - recorded vocals for their single

  • I Was A Cub Scout - recording, mixing and mastering

  • Lorna - recording, mixing and mastering

  • Vampire's Rock show - mixed and mastered live audio recording

I have worked with and recorded most styles of rock and metal, hip hop and R n'B genres, acoustic bands and artists.

I have even worked with marching bands and a great deal of brass, wind and string could say we have seen most things.