Rehearsal Room

A professional rehearsal space in Nottingham

Behind every good band is hours and hours of hard work and rehearsals, call Psyrex Soundlab whether you want a totally bare room where you can bring your own gear, or a room with complete PA equipment. 

Develop your sound and performance with our first class rehearsal space

Rehearsals don't just have to be about work, they can be purely for you and your mates to have a good laugh, maybe even a beer or two and just enjoy playing the music you love, we love meeting new artists and bands and always work with you to create the type of atmosphere you're looking for. Our rehearsal room comfortably fits a 5 piece band, although larger bands also make use of this room. We offer our services to singers, musicians, bands and music producers. Our top class PA systems offer unrivalled sound quality that will leave you raring to get our there and perform to a live audience!
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Why choose us?

Well why not? We offer...
  • Top-quality recording equipment 
  • The latest PA systems 
  • Voice-over recording 
  • Soundproofed rehearsal space
  • A fantastic, relaxed atmosphere
  • A comprehensive range of services including:
  • Voice over recording
  • Music mastering
  • Jingle recording
  • Digital editing
  • Over 20 years of experience, and much more 
For a professional rehearsal space, call Psyrex Soundlab in Nottingham now on 07906 382 486 or on
0115 841 3184

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